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Very often the cheapest option for using clean water is to refresh your Hot Tub every week. You can leave your Hot Tub empty by then as long as you will not be using it. The costs of water renewal will be aprox. 3-5 Euro each time.  Alternatively you may go for a filtrationsystem.

Filtrationsystem - Sandfilter :

When using the sandfilteroption you will be able to use the same water for aprox. 3-4 months. Your filtrationssystem in that case needs to be connected with a timer which makes sure that it will be activated every day for a couple of hours. Together with the delivery of your Hot Tub we can supply complete and preinstalled filtrationsystems.

These include :  filtertank with sand, pump, hoses, pre installed wall connectors and other connectionmaterials. A filtrationsystem always needs to be installed in a dry area and oxygen tablets will be needed additionally for algaeprotection. 

Price :    395,-- Euro incl. VAT

Filtrationsystem + UV lamp :

In case you do not with to buy oxygentablets for algaeprotection on a frequent basis you better invest in a UV lamp. A UV lamp will remove algae once your filtrationsystem is running during 3 hours a day. 

Price filter + UV preinstalled :   595,-- Euro incl VAT

Wooden cover for Sandfilter

We can supply a wooden cover for your Sandfilter :  195,-- Euro incl. VAT

Filtrationsystem + UV lamp integrated in wooden box or round steps:

For those who wish to have everything fully integrated we can offer special thermowood chests or round steps in which we can integrate all the technics. Both can be insulated as well on request.

Price for complete set :   1195 Euro incl. VAT 

Wallconnectors filtrationsystem :

In case you doubt about the purchase of a filtrationssystem we would recomomend you to let us install 2 wallconnectors from the begnining. In that case a filtrationsystem can be connected by yourselves in future at any time.  

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