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Insulation and cover

As soon the water has bene heated up, it is finally time to relax and enjoy. But also the days after you may wish to use your hot bath again without heating too long. That's why we try to isolate our Hot Tubs as well as possible to sustain as much warmth as possible.  

ISBJØRN is therefore insulating its Hot Tubs all around and at bottomlevel. 

Apart from good isolation also a good cover is very imporant to keep you bath at a certain minimal temperature.  ISBJØRN therefore supplies 3 dfferent options:

  • A thermowood cover in 2 parts ;
  • A polypropylene plastic cover in 2 parts (in black or grey colour), with or without insulation;
  • A sky leather cover 10 cm thickness insulated foldable in grey antrazit, dark brown or black colour.

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