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ISBJØRN is able to supply some very useful accessories as well.

Wooden Paddle

As soon your Hot Tub will be filled with hot water, most of the heat will come to its surface. At bottomlevel however you will feel it is still very cold. To avoid that most of the heat will fade away we recommend to mix the water frequently with a paddle during the heating process. 

Prce :  45,-- Euro incl. VAT

Ash shovel

After aprox. 3 times use the remaining ashes should be removed from the inside heater to maintain its burningcapacity.  Therefore we can supply an asshovel with 1 meter handle.  

Price :  45 Euro incl. VAT

Norwegian hat

Required when it is going to freeze once you will be using your Hot Tub, a norwegian hat to keep your ears warm.  

Price :  10 Euro incl. VAT

Wooden bucket for water refreshment 

Including wooden bucket, mounting to the wall, siphon, metal chain to turn the bucket.

Price :  245  Euro incl. VAT

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