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Electrical heating

Electrical heating

Once you will be using your Hot Tub frequently during wintertimes, the question raises how to deal with the water inside. Should i leave it empty and refill again, or are there any other alternatives ? For frequent users in wintertime ISBJØRN has developed its own electrical heatingsystem for frostprotection.

This heatingsystem contains a lockable and watertight box including pump, electrical spiralheater, thermostat and necessary wallconnections. In case you will order this option, we shall pre-install the wallconnectors in your ISBJØRN Hot Tub. The whole system will then delivered plug and play.

By means of the thermostat you will be able to set the desired temperature. By doing this you can keep the water frostfree on one hand, but also reduce the heating up time in times you want to save some time. 

Prices : 

195,-- Euro incl.VAT  only for the electrical heating unit to be connected with existing filtrationsystem. 

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