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About us

Since  2008....

ISBJØRN Hot Tubs are manufactured in the Netherlands.

During the year 2008 we have started to sell and deliver woodfired Hot Tubs made of Swedish, Finnish and Baltic fabricate. Partly based on these experiences we have started up our own line of production.  Main reason was the fact that our own line of inserts made of LDPE plastic became very popular due to its supurb comfortable seat, natural look and longest duration. Furthermore, and maybe even more important, it appeared that we could improve our service level from the beginning to final placement of your hot tub anywhere in Europe by controlling the full chain ourselves. 

Since then we have further improved our final product and servicelevels and created our own 'ISBJØRN line' by using heaters of higher quality (Turbo heaters) and better performance, better insulation all around, pre- installed filtrationsystems with UV, integration of more and more whirlpoolelements. Furthermore we started to focus more on customized products (f.e. built-in models). Please find hereafter an impression of our small scale production.

By means of small scale production in Rijssen, and own transportationservices, we are able to supply a high quality product with a high servicelevel anywhere in Europe.

Meanwhile we have delivered our beautiful product in the following countries :  Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Tsjech republic, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Montenegro, Macedonia, Canada and  New Zealand !

We hope you will also enjoy our product and share us in your experiences....

ISBJØRN Hot Tub Team.