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ISBJØRN Terrasse - built in Hot Tubs

We can supply built-in models as well, or partly built in for the 160 cm and 180 cm basictub. 

Before placing the tub in the ground or into your terrace please keep attention for the following:

  • Please make sure that your Hot Tub is fully isolated;
  • Make sure that the tub will be made waterresistant. Standard our Hot tubs will be sealed in plastic;
  • Please inform us how you wish to empty the tub, by means of a waterdrain or waterpump;
  • Please inform us whether your tub should be entirely built in or partly. All options are available;
  • Standard every Tub will be delivered with 2 meter chimney, for built in models however 1 meter extra or more may be needed.

When required any built in model can be further equipped with a fully integrated bubble or massagejetsystem. More information about these two options can be found on this website under the section Options & Accessories.