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Plastic insert

Buying a Hot Tub with a synthetic interior is an investment for your lifetime. Its plastic interior will not decay and is also UV resistant. The innerside is available in the folowing colours : white, beige or grey / anthracite.  Due to its high quality we can give lifetime guarantee on our plastic LDPE inserts !

Another very important advantage of the plastic interior is that it can be kept empty for a longer time for example during frost periods. This would not have been an option for the traditional wooden hot Tubs wich always need to be filled with water. 

Third, the ISBJØRN is perfectly sized and shaped for every family, it will offer enough space and comfort for about 4-6 persons. Even during cold wintertimes you will be surrounded by hot water over your shoulders because of its 110 cm height.

Last  but not least the conic tapered shaped interior will offfer you the best comfort there is in the maket for the moment. With its 165 tot 180 cm inside diameter tapered walls on the one hand, and its height of 110 cm,  Also based on several reseller experiences, this model has been a bestseller for a longer time so far.

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