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Woodburning Hot Tubs were initially used a lot in Scandinavia. Most of the times it concerned wooden baths made of solid wood only. The disadvantage of these wooden Hot Tubs  was their limited life span. Furthermore they were generally having straight walls and narrow benches which offered less comfort..

However with the recently developed ISBJØRN Hot Tubs, you can now enjoy a Hot Tub from the next generation. With an ergonomic shaped interior, and supurb Thermowood finishing outside, a new generation woodburning Hot tubs is born !

Thanks to its synthetic conic shaped interior it will last longer, as a matter of fact you can even restyle it later.  The new generation therefore also retains much more value than its traditional wooden predecessor. Indeed, the synthetic interior will last a lifetime whilst the outside wood only has a decorative function.

Thanks to the built-in inside aluminium heater you can enjoy a crackling wood fire in your own bath outside. Wellness in a woodburning Hot Tub in the late evening is enjoying the peace of nature and a starry sky , the crackling wood fire, the feeling of increasingly hot water in a colder getting outdoor environment. 

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