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Thermowood finishing

In spite of its ergonomic and hygienic synthetic interior, for most Scandinavians a Hot Tub should still harmonize with its natural environment. From the outside the Hot Tub should look like its former predecessor made of massif wood only. Therefore the ISBJØRN is finished with high class Thermowood all around with a very nice 16 cm width Thermowooden edge.

With a ISBJØRN Hot Tub you can therefore benefit from two, a natural look on the one hand, ergonomic comfort and hygiene on the other hand.

Thermo Wood is heat treated pine wood from Scandinavian forests . By modifying heat and steam ( without chemicals ) the wood is transformed into a durable and stable product , similar to wood from tropical forests . Thermo Wood also has an insulating ability which is 23 % higher than that of untreated wood .

In summary, the thermal treatment of pine has a major influence on swelling and shrinkage, color and biological sustainability.

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