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ISBJØRN Innenfor - with internal heater

ISBJØRN Hot Tubs has chosen for an excellent inside aluminum heater for the right atmosphere and quick heat up. An inside heater will be placed entirely in your Hot Tub apart from the upperside which will emerge about 4 cm from the watersurface. Therefore water can never flow into your heater.

One of the advantages of using an inside heater is you will have better control over the process, Via the opening you can directly see the fire, control the lid and easily refill the heater. Furthermore you can even control the process whilst you are sitting in your bath. Many people therefore still prefer the original Hot Tubs with inside heaters. Other advantages of our TURBO heater are :

  • the double sided edge to avoid deformation;
  • 3 large tubes through the heater for quick heat up;
  • the heater can be removed for easy cleaning.

Last but not least an aluminum heater emits much faster than an inside heater made of stainless steel. Within about 2-3 hours the water will be heated up untill 38 degrees, depending on season.

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