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Frequently asked questions

Why are ISBJØRN Hot Tubs so unique ? 

With no doubt we are using the best LDPE plastic interiors for our Hot Tubs. They are ergonomically shaped based on moulded production (no welding lines) in combination with a traditional wooden appearance. Thanks to our small-scale production we can supply customized production for standard prices. Third we have a leading position in integrated technical solutions in the field of filtration and whirlpool options. Last but not least, all our Tubs are delivered by our own deliveryservice to make sure you will get the quality you have paid for.

What is better, an internal or external heater?

Both variants have advantages and disadvantages. An internal heater often has more charisma and more atmosphere as you sit close to the fire. An external heater, however, has more practical advantages once you need to clean the tub or remove the ashes. In terms of heatup time there is no difference in our models.

How many people fit in a Hot Tub?

Assuming average posture, you can expect the following: Internal heater: 160 cm tub for 2-4 people, 180 cm tub for 4-6 people. External heater: 160 cm tub for 4-6 people, 180 cm tub for 6-8 people.

How do I keep the water clean, do I need a filter?

Are you using a Hot Tub on an infrequent basis (twice a month, for example), you may just fill a Tub once you intend to use it and empty it after 4-5 days. It is however recommended to use purificationtablets against algae in that case.

Are you using your Hot Tub on a very regular basis (twice a week for example), we recommend you to connect a good sandfilter plus UV on your Hot Tub. The filter removes substances and fats from the water, the UV lamp provides protection against algae and bacteria so that the water will not get slimy and green.

What is better an aluminum stove or stove made of stainless steel ?

In principle, stainless steel is more durable than aluminum. Aluminum, however, has a much lower melting point than stainless steel and therefore has a more rapid heat transfer which is desirable for a hot tub. Therefore our Hot tubs are supplied with an aluminum heater but include extra protection against overheating. All our heaters will heat up your ISBJØRN Hot Tub within 2 hours on average.

How does an external heater work ?

An external heater will be connected with 2 rubber hoses and clamps. Once you fill the tub also the stove will be filled automatically. The heater has a double wall so the firepit will be entirely surrounded by water. As a result water will be heated up over a large surface. Hot water will rise and return back to the Tub via the upper connection. Via the lower connection cold water on its turn will be sucked into the stove. 

Can I leave the water inside the Tub during the winter?

Although the LDPE inerside withstands freezing, it is not recommended to leave the Tub filled during persistent frostperiods. Frozen ice can damage the stove, protectionshield, wallconnectors or even damage your external heater when filled.  During wintertimes we therefore advice the following :

  • Using a circulating water pump with electrical heating (when filled);
  • Use a circulation pump near the internal heater (when filled);
  • Or fill your Tub and empty it directly after use.

How fast can i heat up ?

The warm-up time of a Hot Tub is determined by the number of liters of water to be heated, and the capacity of the heater. Our tubs have been shaped in such a way that the number of liters is limited, and our stoves have at least a capacity of 30-45 KW!  This results in a heating up time of 1.5-2.5 hours only to a comfortable body temperature.

What is "Thermo Wood"?

Thermowood is not a type of wood in itself but can be made from various types of wood. We use only the finest dark Class A thermo wood for our hot tubs. Thermowood is maintenance free and has similar characterisics as Red Cedar.  Furthermore it will not work anymore thanks to its thermal treatment.  More information can be found here.

Should I maintain the wood?

Basically thermowood does not require further maintenance but will get soon a grey colour same like like Red Cedar. Once the wood is wet the beautiful dark color will return. In case you wish to sustain the original dark color we suggest using special wax oil.

Can I use chlorine products?

You are NOT allowed to use chlorine products as they will seriously damage the heater. Use of chlorine products may have an effect on your warranty rights.

A woodburning Hot Tub with whirlpool options, is that okay?

ISBJØRN Hot Tubs is one of the only suppliers of woodburning Hot Tubs who have invested in whirlpool options like bubbles, jets or lighting. This allows you to enjoy your Tub in the traditional way (contrast between the inside- and outside temperature), but also to enjoy bubbles or jetstram in the water. We can guarantee that all our systems (CE) have been fully tested, are safe and free of leaking.

What is the difference between "bubbles" and "jets"?

Our air-jet system (bubbles) will blow only air (fromout the benches) in a vertical direction into your Hot Tub. Massagejetsystemen however will blow water and air fromout ca. 10-12 venturyjets in a horizontal direction into your bath.  More and more often we assemble the venturyjets per seat so you can fully enjoy jetstream.