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Heating process

Before lightning the stove it is very important to fill your bath before ! in order to prevent damage to your Hot Tub. Every Hot tub needs to be filled for at least 95% before starting to heat. The ISBJØRN Hot Tub is standard equipped with an 30 kW inside aluminium heater to make sure it will get your bath within 2 hours fast on temperature. This is one of the great advantages of aluminium. 

By means of a few firelighters, available at any supermarket, you can lighten the stove. Then fill the stove with some kindling-wood (spruce or pallet timber f.e.) and a bit of cardboard. Once the stove is burning, place the lid on the stove-opening

To promote the air-circulation it may sometimes help to blow air into the gap of the stove. Once the stove is burning, fill the stove regularly and avoid congestion of too much wood in the stove at the same time..