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Maintenance waterquality


In headlines the waterquality can be explained by 2 factors:

  1. Algae;
  2. Soot and other dirt.

1. Algae

Present algae in your Hot Tub water will grow when the watertemperature is high and exposed to sunlight. As a result the water will look more and more turbid.  When you touch inside, it may feel slimy after a couple of days in case you do not use any chemicals.

To avoid this situation we recommend you to use purification tablets. Please be aware that these tablets can only be used against algae, it will not remove other dirt as mentioned  in item 2.

We strongly recommend you not to use chlorine tablets for 2 reasons. First of all chlorine may have a bad effect on the inside heater (oxydation), secondly it has a penetrating smell like you are used to have in swimmingpools.  Purification tablets do not have these disadvantages and have no smell.

In case you do not wish to use chemicals to combat algae, we recommend you to use UV light in combination with a Sandfiltration system.

2.  Soot and other dirt.

Due to the heat various body substances may flow in the water. Also some soot may fall out of the chimney. In case you do not use any waterfiltration system the water may look more and more turbid. The easiest and most cheapest way to keep your water clean is to refresh the water every week (or to refill it when you intend to use it). More and more users who have a woodfired Hot Tub with plastic interior are using their Tub this way.

Another alternative however is to buy a filtrationsystem (sandfilter) and connect it to your Hot Tub. By means of a pump Hot Tub water will be lead to the filter basin which is foreseen of filtrationsand. In a natural way the water will be cleaned and discomposed of any dirt. By means of a timer your filter operate every day for about 2 - 3 hours.

In case you decide to go for the filteroption,  the filtration-wallconnectors will already be installed in your Hot Tub. Be aware that the filter itselves needs to be placed in a dry and isolated area.